All you Need to Know About Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse

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February 8: National Boy Scout Day. A day in which the boy’s scout across America is appreciated for developing moral standards, doing good deeds while learning to survive. An organization which is as old as a century, it boasts of about 500 million America who has at one point in their lives been part of the program: some of which are Presidents John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama who are proud to be part of this great organization in their youth. No to forget some prominent people across the different fields who make it to the peak of their careers.  It is no surprise that Boy Scouts of America(BSA) have been recognized as the largest scouting organization in the United States. However, we couldn’t turn deaf years to the fact that BSA has been passing through some hard times recently. That is some scandals that might cause huge damage to the reputation for years. What could be the challenges being faced by an organization with so much recognition? Here are answers to some of the questions that everyone needs to know. Read on!

What do Boy Scouts stand for?

Boy scouts of America date back to 1910 after the founder William Boyce traveled to London and was helped by an unknown Scout who refused his tip and considers his assistance as part of good deeds. Ever since the Boy Scout of America has been training youth from the fifth grade through high school. The mission was to instill in young men values that prepare them to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetime. The organization offers character-building programs aim at providing fundamental life skills, leadership abilities that can help them sail through life.  Dedication, service, leadership development, while serving the community becomes the hallmark as young men carve their way to a better future. An organization that promotes integrity, friendliness, and bravery, it is quite remarkable that it also stands against racial discrimination, inequality, and injustice.

What recently happened to the boy’s scouts of America?

It is sad to say that an organization that used more than 100 years for character building of youths have recently been hit with a dead blow of sexual abuse and child molestation. Before 1994, there have been almost 2000 reported cases of sexual abuse in which the organization always found itself struggling with sexual allegations. Recently thousands of boy scouts sexual abuse claims have popped up. Over 12000 members were allegedly sexually abused by volunteers and scout leaders, according to the investigation carried out by experts looking into the case.  However, the organization recently filed for bankruptcy chapter 11 amid the flood of boy scouts sexual abuse cases and dwindling members.

Who is suing the boy’s scouts of America?

Most of the new boy scouts sexual abuse cases that are rearing their heads dated back to the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s in which more investigations have exposed a long-held history of abuse that has perpetrated the organization. Survivors of child abuse have finally found their voice. Regardless of the type of abuse and period of occurrence, victims of sexual abuse have started filing claims with the primary aim of putting an end to the abuse. Lawyers of course have also risen up to accuse the organization of negligence and creating an environment rife of sexually abused young boys. A team of a lawyer has recently filed several lawsuits and use legal tactics to seek for justice of the alleged wrongdoings.

Boy’s scout bankruptcy? What is going to happen to the organization?

The bankruptcy filing is likely to freeze the lawsuit and set a deadline for more sexual abuse claims. This means if you are one of the survivors, you sure don’t have much time left. We are a team of All Survivors Advocates and we are here to help you sail through this difficult time.  Moreover, BSA could be forced to sell some of his vast majority holdings, assets, including campgrounds in order to raise money for compensation. Compensation could surpass a billion dollars.  An organization that has been a pillar to American communities, and young men to be great leaders. This situation can be regarded as a huge twist of fate and one that is highly detrimental to the longheld reputation. As the organization is faced with heavy price over boys scout sexual abuse, bankruptcy was filed in order to compensate thousands of abused victims.

Is that the end for boy’s scouts?

No, the bankruptcy does not include the local councils who are still running their day-to-day programs. It was only filed by the national organization and the BSA in a statement said it will continue to deliver unparalleled programs for years to come even as it battles with the sexual abuse claims. BSA recently announced a collaboration with line, a leading corporation renowned for helping male survivors of sexual abuse. The aim is to provide support for victims and help them through these difficult times.

If you have been a victim of boys scout sexual abuse, you are not alone. You too can sue for compensation award and to put an end the menace. For your voice to be heard and to get the compensation you deserve, contact All Survivors Advocates, let’s walk you through it to fight those who betrayed your trust together.