From Eagle Scout to Abuse Advocate

Eagle Scout Badge“I was one of the lucky ones.”

Like many Boy Scouts, Jim Munro has fond memories of his days as a scout. Jim excelled at scouting and attained the rare honor of Eagle Scout. Jim grew up in West Philadelphia, and today has a successful consulting business. The lessons he learned as an Eagle Scout prepared him well for life. When he heard rumors about Boy Scout abuse he initially refused to believe it. But Jim began to hear the accounts of Boy Scouts who had a different experience from his own. After denial came the anger for the betrayal and loss of innocence. Now Jim is an advocate for those who have been abused.

Jim Munro - Eagle Scout“I was one of the lucky ones. But I want those who suffered abuse to know they are not alone. I’m committed to bringing these betrayers of Boy Scouts to justice, and to end this cycle of abuse.”  – Jim Munro

If you, or a loved one is a survivor of abuse by Boy Scouts of America representatives, we urge you to speak up. We will stand with you. We will get you the help you deserve.

NOTE: The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy and funds have been set aside to compensate those injured. But TIME IS LIMITED, and so are the funds. Do not delay.


ABOUT JIM MUNRO: Jim earned the honor of Eagle Scout and is now an advocate for abused Boy Scouts. Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Munro was an evening lecturer for ten years in the Department of Economics, at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.Jim founded Penn Consulting Inc. (PCI) in 1993 to provide marketing and business consulting services to small-medium sized firms. PCI specializes in the development and preparation of business and strategic plans for presentation to potential lenders/investment/market partners. 

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