Boyscout Sexual Abuse: Lack of Protection by the Organization and Its Effects on Victims

boyscout sexual abuse

For centuries, Boyscout of American has been one of the most prestigious social institutions and important communities in the United State of America. Their mission is to teach children to be morally and ethically responsible as the grow. This is achieved by learning and following the Scout Laws and Oath. Millions of children in America have Scouts including presidents. The Boyscout is a positive and great life experience for many of the children and most of them really enjoy it. But not all. For some, it was their darkest moments. A time filled with trauma and abuse which they will never forget. For many years, more than hundreds of former Scouts have accused their leaders and scoutmaster of sexual abuse with no one listening to them.

With the nation’s now supporting sexual abuse survivals with an effective legal system willing to listen to their story and take it seriously, many victims have now found the boldness to come out and speak about their experience. Are you or any of your loved ones a victim of boyscout sexual abuse during your scouting program? This is the time to seek compensation and justice from the Boyscout organization. The Boyscout was built on honesty and protection but scouts are been victimized by the scoutmasters they trusted. An organization in which parents thought their children are safe has violated the innocent faith of both the children and parents and this is unforgivable.

Boyscout sexual abuse: Scouts are not protected by the organization

The Boyscout organization has failed to protect the scouts and scouts masters are not accountable to their leaders. Their failure to protect the children placed in their care has led to a traumatic experience for the children which is quite devastating and daunting. The most annoying part is, there is evidence that the Boyscout leadership was constantly informed of these inhuman activities and the extent of the problem but they did nothing to protect the children.

The discovery of an internal file shows that many Boyscout leaders and scoutmaster have been abusing the boys. The Boyscout organization knows about this evil act and couldn’t stop it. They have also failed to disclose the child molestation problem the organization has been facing. But, we all know about it know all thanks to the bravery of survivors coming out to seek justice. Many survivors have been traumatized for over 40 years and some are still dying in silence.

The destructive effect of sexual abuse

Sexual abuse often leaves their victim traumatized for the rest of their life. It can alter and create damage in life and this harm can be the physical, mental, or emotional condition. The symptoms are often visible but it is hard to recognize them in your children as no one thought their child be a victim of child sexual abuse. Although there is no cure for sexual abuse victims, they can learn how to manage the trauma and pain.

These are physical symptoms of sexual abuse

  • Severe pain
  • Complexities in the reproductive system
  • Corpulence
  • Obstruction of sexual function and many more

Theses are symptoms of emotional and mental disorder

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Lack of confidence
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Dysfunction in relationships and parent intimacy

Boyscout bankruptcy: A threat to prevent justice

Boyscout organization filed for bankruptcy in February 2020 in a bid to prevent justice. This move will force victims to come out now or forever be silent about sexual abuse. They will no longer have the right to file legal action against the organization after the deadline. Research has shown that child sexual abuse victims often come out after they reach their middle age. Hence, it is quite unfortunate that many scouts won’t come out and had to deal with the consequence for the rest of their life.

Victims should not be given the option to forcibly come out when they are not mentally and emotionally ready. Survivors that can rely on the support and sensitivity of the people around them will be the only one to courageously come out and share their story. Therefore, many advocates of child sexual abuse and attorney are coming out to help and support victims that still struggle with speaking about their experience in the scouting program.

There is no better time than now

The time for all victims to come out is now. There are attorneys who have successfully fight against child sexual abuse in big organizations are ready to help them get justice and compensation for the trauma the organization allows them to go through. The opportunity to speak out is now. Therefore, we are urging you to come forward to demand justice and compensation for the injustice of the Boyscout organization. We are here to help you fight for what you deserve.