Boyscout bankruptcy court and Legal-Bay announces the deadline to file sexual abuse claims by victims.


As Boyscout files for bankruptcy due to enormous sexual abuse claim by many past and present members of the organization, a deadline has been given to all victims that want to speak out. Boyscout is the largest youth development organization in the united state. It was founded in 1908 by Lieutenant General Robert S.S. Badem Powell. The vision of the organization is to develop various skills in the youth for different kinds of outdoor activities, as well as their character, and also teach them how to help one another.

As the organization grows larger over the years, many stories and claims have been aired about many scot masters who are sexually abusing the members. But Boyscout has been mute about it, until recently where the asses can not take it anymore and different organization and the government as tp step in to give justice to all the claims. Although the Boyscout association as paid over $140 million to compensate sexual abuse victims since 1968, they did not take any strict action to eradicate sexual abuse in the scouting program. “Legal-Bay has always been a vocal advocate for victims of sexual abuse, especially when that abuse has been perpetrated against a child”. Says the CEO. This is why even with the uncertainty on exactly how the Boy Scouts cases will unfold, Legal-Bay remains actively committed to funding the BSA claims.”The organization has filed for bankruptcy protection several months ago to halt themself from all the Boyscout sexual abuse claims filed against them. These are raising eyebrows as members and attorneys have said that it is a bid for the court to overlook the damages they’ve caused the victims. However, Legal-Bay is confident victims will receive the justice they deserve.

An announcement has been made by the bankruptcy court for every Boyscout sexual abuse victim to come out before the deadline which is November 16, 2020. The date was agreed upon by both the lawyer representing the Boyscout association and the abused victims. The official committee representing all abused victims has earlier opposed the previous deadline given by the court. They argued that the victim should be given more time to find the courage to come out and speak their truth. Many Americans have lost their job and others are just looking for ways to survive, sexual abuse victims are entitled to a reasonable time after receiving a notice from the bankruptcy bank to think and decide if they want to file a claim or not.” says the court filings, by attorneys representing the Boyscout sexual abuse victims.

After the Boyscout association filed for bankruptcy in February, they proposed a bar claim right with a deadline of 80days. However, many attorneys representing the sexually abused victims weren’t pleased about the proposal and a huge backlash was on the Boyscout association. They argued that expanding the deadline will give the victim time to file their claims and also allow sufficient time to organize a national program to create awareness for claimants on the bar claim deadline. Abusers are feeling insecure and think they are unsafe in this period, says a leading attorney who is representing over 3000 Boyscout sexual abuse victims. “ this is a deep secret for them, a pain that has been endured for years and they are afraid to confront it. Therefore, if they are told to speak up now or lose their right forever, they might make the right decision.” He continues.

It has also been reported that every week, over 150 members are coming out to claim they are been sexually abused as kids while in the Scouting program. And an estimation of over 15000 claimants would be reached before the deadline. More so, after the deadline, the victim of Boyscout sexual abuse will be permanently banned from filling any claim against the Boyscout organization. Furthermore, a secret Boyscout file has been brought to the court which records the molestation of over 12000 boys in the Boyscout association since 1920. From the file, about approximately 8000 abusers have been tracked in the association. And many of them were never bought to justice for the crime they committed. The files also claim that the Boyscout association does not only permit sexual abusers to harms scout members but also cover up the traces of all the molesters in the association.

Are you sexually abused by any scoutmaster while training in the Boyscout association? If yes, it is time to come forward and voice out your bottled up pains and anger. The Boyscout sexual abuse help is behind you and you have the support of many attorneys. They understand how you feel and think and they are ready to do everything to help you out. Your time to file your claim as now been shortened as the court has raised a bar claim deadline. Remember, any claim filed against the association after November 16, will not receive any compensation. Therefore, your chance to receive compensation might be denied forever.