Boyscout of America: Female Boyscout sexual abuse


Sexual abuse has become the norm in our society today. One out of five girls is sexually abused before the age of eighteen which is disheartening and traumatic. Yet it is under reported. Girls between the age of fifteen to twenty are likely to experience attempted rape or sexual abuse four times more than the other population. What is petrifying about this situation is that, when you think you’ve done everything to protect your girl, she is still at risk. Even when she is enrolled in one of the most prestigious and safest organizations in the world such as the Boyscout of America as a Girlscout, she can still experience sexual abuse.

In 2017, Boyscout of America announced its decision to allow girls to join the organization and earn the eagle scout rank which is the highest rank in the scouting program. The organization is established to provide a safe place for the girls as they learn moral and ethical behavior. The vision of the organization is to teach girls new skills and be disciplined as they grow. Therefore, Girlscout is one of the unthinkable places where a girl child will be sexually abused however, the reverse is the case.

Thousands of sexual abuse cases that involve the Girlscout and their scoutmaster or adult volunteers have been reported. The Boyscout of America has been reported to be a place where men looking for a sexual relationship with young boys carry out their plans, therefore, the Girlscout is not excluded. The organization makes it easy for pedophiles to appear as mentors in order to gain access, control, and subdue their victims. The young scout girls can be sexually abused or introduce to different sexual activities during sleepovers, when visiting their leaders, or during camping trips. Most parents and guidance don’t want to think or talk about sexual abuse but it is one of the most important problems we all need to deal with. Research has shown that a child is sexually abused every thirty seconds. And most of them are from leaders we trust to protect and keep our child safe such as those in the Girlscout.

it’s no news that most of the leaders in the Girlscout organization are adults who want to give back to their community by working with children. While some use the organization as an opportunity to gain access to children which makes it easier to target their victims. Hence, with the increasing rate of pedophiles hitting the media, we now know that the girl child is not safe from sexual abuse or any form of sexual activity in any educational setting or organization.

The history of sexual abuse in Girlscout

Child sexual abuse is highly punishable by law. One abuser in the Girlscout was once sentenced to three years imprisonment and the organization released a statement saying they will do everything possible to protect the girl child. However, the pattern of this behavior is still highly noticeable among the leaders and volunteers of the GIrlscout organization at both the local and national levels. A scoutmaster was also sued and sentenced to 12 years in prison for molesting the girls that are put under is supervision on a camping trip. The girls are between the age of ten to thirteen years. He was reported to be a school teacher in the local district who was sacked because of his improper behavior with the students. Although, in the Girlscout organization, there are laws and policies that do not allow any form of sexual abuse and the organization asks Girlscout leaders to report any form of sexual abuse noticed in any child.

Your legal right as a sexually abused Girlscout

Sexual abuse survivors may be silent for decades before they have the confidence to acknowledge they have been abused as a child. As they grow older, they experience both emotional and mental breakdown. Some struggle to maintain personal behavior, while others have low self-esteem, trust issues, and many more. However, speaking out helps them heal and reclaim their life back. When a Girlscout is abused sexually, the abuser must be severely punished and the Girlscout organization must also be held responsible for failing to protect the children placed under their care from pedophiles. Many legal options are available for victims and their families when she is sexually abused by her leaders in the organization. Those sexual abusers must be held responsible for the crime they commit. Therefore, you need to seek justice if your child has been sexually abused after trusting the Girlscout organization to keep her safe and protected. The crime is severe and your child has the right to be compensated for the traumatic experience she went through. Although, this won’t erase the traumatic memory, however, it will improve the quality of her life and help her to forget the past and focus on the future.