Boys Scout Sexual Abuse: Victims Disclosure, Deadline on Claims as Organizations File for Bankruptcy

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Boys Scout sexual abuse victims have until November 16 to file claims against the organization. The organization files for chapter 11 bankruptcy to set up compensation funds for victims who have endured abuse during their time in scouting.

Boys scout sexual abuse. What are the reasons for the late sexual assault disclosure?

Many of the Boys Scout of sexual abuse cases date back to the 1970s and ’80s which was kept secret by the organization. It was not until recently that the knowledge of the abuse became public. The organization has “perversion files” detailing the abuse cases and the molesters. While the file dates back to 1944, it identifies 7,819 scout leaders or volunteers who allegedly preyed on boys and were banned from the Boys Scout organization and 12,254 victims. Plus, not all the cases were reported while some have been destroyed by the organization.

Why are the victims just voicing out after decades of the abuse incidence? Well, understand that sexual abuse cases most times takes time to be disclosed while some people may never disclose.

Although the realities of child male sexual abuse are now hitting on society, yet male survivors often delay disclosure for several years or decades. Here are some of the likely reasons why a male victim of sexual amuse might delay or never disclose the trauma include:

A threat to masculinity

Western social norms expect males to be strong, and not show emotion. Given the sexual abuse violates these norms as victims feel violated, defiled, and powerless while being assaulted. It is like a blow to their self-esteem and manhood as they feel vulnerable, weak, unmanly, and even unworthy. They might decide not to disclose it so that others will not regard them the same way they feel of themselves.
Abusers factors

In children, sexual abuse, a hierarchical relationship, or power of the abuser is established as the victim is inferior in body size, reputation, status, and many more. Hence, many are threatened by their abusers if they are to disclose causing restraint on the victim’s disclosure right from boyhood to adulthood.


Fear is one one of the main factor crippling abusers and restraining them from disclosure. Fear of being blamed, of not being trusted, that nothing will be done, jeopardizing their safety and that of their loved ones or even being labeled “gay”.


Some would not bother to disclose simply because they don’t want to awake traumatic past experiences and simply want the incidence to remain in the past.

The good thing is it doesn’t matter when the abuse occurs, what is more, important is that you have been abused and you deserve to lay claim on complicity.

Boys Scout file for bankruptcy amid a myriad of sexual abuse. What effects does it have on victims?

The Boy’s Scouts of America in February filed for bankruptcy as cases of sexual abuse flooded the organizations. An organization holds in high esteem has had to succumb to financial pressures that included huge legal costs has its faces sexual abuse allegations.

This has been a popular tactic among organizations that have faced similar issues in order to be protected by the law. It’s no surprise BSA follows the footsteps of the like of Catholic church dioceses and USA Gymnastics that had faced sexual abuse cases. The aim is to seek for a shield for debtors to limit or prevent them from paying the full debts. When a bankruptcy is filed, the cases against the organization will be halted, delayed, and can even be stopped after the date set for claims.

Of course, this does not prevent the survivors from claiming their compensation trust which is mostly determined by the number of assets the organization has and debts owed by the entities. Not surprisingly, the bankruptcy filing disrupted the Boy Scouts’ sexual abuse claims and brought about a deadline as to when abuse survivors can file a case. This means as a survivor you can only come forward now or lose the right to file a case.

The deadline for Boys Scout sexual abuse claims have been set, what this mean?

November 16 has been set as the deadline to file a claim for all sexual abuse cases against the Boys Scouts of America. Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, assault, or victimization no matter the time it occurs or the type of abuse is required to file a case before the deadline or be barred forever for fighting for the years of abuse inflicted. When you file for a case, you get a compensation fund that has been put in place by the organization. Not only that, but you also hold the BSA responsible for not protecting you as the organization claim to be and you are preventing such acts from occurring in the future.

Given the length of the deadline given to pursue financial compensations, survivors are faced with an anguish rush to pursue claims now or be barred from suing the BSA, an organization that betrayed their trusts.

Are you a victim of Boy Scout sexual abuse? The clock is ticking and it’s time to file for claims not only for compensation but also to stop this evil act perpetuating the organization and society at large. Seek for Boy Scouts’ sexual abuse help. We are the Voice you need for justice!