Ex Boy’s Scout Leader Admits to Child Molestation in Facebook Posts

child molestation

After the long-held secret of accusations on child molestation, a former Ohio boy scout leader has finally taken the bold step to admit to child molestation. According to the report, he took to social media, Facebook precisely to write an open letter admitting to molesting teenage boys while he was a leader in the boys’ scouts.

He has been facing allegations of child abuse while he was a leader in the 1980s and 1990s and currently, multiple investigations are ongoing to know who were the victims. In his statement, he wrote:

“My name is Bill McKell and I am a child molester,” according to the Gazette and the Chillicothe Police Department has reported that they are actively looking into the case.

“Every 12-step program begins with admission. I have been one who abused teenage boys. As far as I am able to tell, it is a disease of the mind not unlike alcoholism or drug addiction. It is a sickness that can never be cured or healed, only recovered from. That being said, there is no excuse for what I have done.” the post states.

Further, he writes that he has had inappropriate contact with young men when he was in his late teens, twenties, and early thirties.

McKell wrote in his letter that he decides to make the confession after a police report released has been spreading like wildfire on social media and the names and pains of his accusers have been publicly displayed. WBNS report that Mckell has been under investigation since 2018, by the regulatory bodies who discovered there has been possibly 18 victims of the sexual abuse. In the reports released, 12 victims have already stepped forward to narrate their experiences of abuse by McKell. And some shares with the gazette that they were only between the age of 10 and 12 years old when they were abused. During the course of the investigation, a number of victims alleged by Mckell have opened up and one share with the detective that he has been molested less than 10 times but more than 4 times at various scouting events.

What is the public response towards the post?

Unsurprisingly, the post was followed by various criticisms and negative comments which resulted to being deleted on Facebook. Mckell’s wife confirmed that the post was written but was deleted because it was flooded with comments in which commenters were even attacking each other.

Brandon Lawson, a Chillicothe resident, who says he was also a victim of boys scout abuse by McKell questions the genuineness of McKell’s post. He says to the Gazette

“This is a superbly crafted statement to try to gain sympathy. It won’t work,” Lawson tells the Gazette. “You didn’t abuse your friends, you abused children. You weren’t equal with us, you were a father figure to us. And you used it to prey on us.”

Jeffrey Marks, a Ross County Prosecutor also describes the post as a “hollow” apology. He said it might not be so helpful in court proceedings as Mckell did not to any crime specifically.

Boy scouts America(BSA) issued a statement expressing their apologies and concerns to the victims. They said Mckeel has been banned from participating in any scouting activities anywhere after he has been included in the volunteering database after allegations of inappropriate behavior over 25 years ago. Mckell, who was also a youth pastor as the time disassociate himself from any church and scouting activities.
Not to forget that he was also a chief executive officer of Horizon Telecom. Just after the confession, the Horizon Telecom terminated his employment to show they don’t condone immoral behavior and encourage anyone who has information about the situation to report to the Chillicothe Police Department.

What will become of William McKell?

Investigations are still ongoing and William McKell have not been charged. What will become of this man who admits to being a child molester is yet unknown.

However, many of the allegations have occurred over 20 years ago which put restraints on pursuing justice as the statute of limitations against offenses as these are 20 years. A deadline that has long expired for many of McKell’s claimed victims.

Moreover, Ohio’s statute of limitations for claims on sexual abuse expires after 30 years. This put many of the McKell’s allegations at disadvantage and one in which many believed support these evil practices. Ohio Attorney General David Yost reacted to this in his statement imploring that the limitation of the statutes be removed in order for the offenders to be brought to justice.

The situation is more of stealing the boys’ innocence at a prime age and now stealing their rights to justice at their own terms and time.

However, McKell’s wife and his father, Tom McKell, said there were aware of the post and they supported him in writing in the letter. They also promised to stand by him come what may.