consumer and B2B Advocacy

*Advocacy* : the act or process of supporting 
a cause or policy or legal justice.

Service Areas

Reputation Management

We analyze and mend your cherished online reputation whether for business or personal needs.


Advocates needed! Learn more about our network matching legal experts with those who need help.

IRS Mitigation

Advocating for clients in IRS disputes mitigating the best possible outcomes.

Political Advocacy

With Ringless Voicemail Messaging service, you can reach your prospects for as little as half a penny each.

Personal Injury

20 years of experience matching injured parties with the most effective legal counsel.

Mass Tort

Our campaigns have yielded unparalleled success for the injured and their representatives.

About US

Based in Norristown, PA, All Survivors Advocates LLC (ASA), has been providing advocacy services for personal, mass tort cases for over 20 years and more recently has expanded into broad based initiatives and services for both consumers and business to business advocacy needs.

New service offerings include IRS Tax mitigation, Reputation Management (a sector of growing importance), and targeted contact services for advocacy groups, including political campaigns with Ringless Voicemail Messaging technology.

Suburban Magazine aptly summed up our mission;

“…similar to that of the FBI or any investigative body tasked with tracking people down. The difference between the Feds and ASA is noteworthy: The individuals they locate are not the perpetrators of wrongdoing but the aggrieved parties.”

ASA is proud of its extensive and successful track record and stands ready to advocate for you.